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Featured Collection: You in Danger, Girl

Suspenseful mysteries and thrillers featuring the women who have defined a genre.


Locked-Room Mysteries

A crime has been committed under seemingly impossible circumstances in this selection of whodunnits.

Amnesia & Memory Loss

Piece together mysterious pasts with these listens that will keep you guessing.

Bumbling Detectives

There’s a case to be solved — but these men and women might not be the best people for the job. 

6 of the Finest Locked Room Mysteries for a Thrilling, Interactive Listen

Nothing is more entertaining than solving a mystery. If you're looking for the perfect thrill, why not skip the escape room and spend the night indoors with a mystery. It's deathly cold outside, so instead, why not grab a glass of wine, close the door (lock it even!), dim the lights, and solve a gripping “locked room” mystery. Better yet, invite your friends over for a unique spin on the typical book club. Make it a race to see who can solve the mystery first by discovering more on our blog, Audible Explore.