I experienced my first sci-fi geek-out at 7 years old while watching Back to the Future. Firstly, that series will forever be one of my favourites, but from that point on Sci-Fi movies, novels, games, and of course listens have been at the cornerstone of my entertainment habits. Scroll on if you’re looking to escape into virtual reality, encounter extraterrestrial beings, or tag along on a trip through hyperspace. If you’re new to Sci-fi, no worries! See below for a Sci-Fi Starter Kit with four essential listens for every budding Sci-Fi enthusiast.

—Aiyonnah, Audible Editor

Sci-Fi Starter Kit

Man on Mars - what could go wrong?

One small misstep for man, one thrilling adventure for mankind.

Your field guide to life in space.

Learn the difference between Bartledannians and Humans, oh and bring a towel!

Your next vacation stop? Maybe not...

The food chain just got a whole lot scarier.

A journey across space and time.

One of the greatest space odysseys of our time!