FOLD Challenge

The FOLD Challenge

We partnered with the Festival of Literary Diversity to showcase unique perspectives and storytellers, with a new theme every month.
The FOLD (Festival of Literary Diversity) Challenge encourages listeners to thoughtfully consider the stories they consume, and the voices that are absent, by asking one important question: Who is missing? Each month, we'll challenge you with a new theme to listen around, plus suggested listens within that theme.

Coming Soon

March: FOLD 2020 Voices
April: Voices of Marginalized Poets
May: Voices of the Prairie Provinces
June: Asian Voices
July: Beach Listens by Marginalized Voices
August: Canadian Voices on Screen
September: Banned Voices
October: Voices of Mental Health
November: In Memoriam: Voices of Colour
December: Disabled Voices

What is the FOLD?

The Festival of Literary Diversity began in May 2016, and is the first literary festival devoted to celebrating underrepresented authors and storytellers. The festival takes place in Brampton, Ontario, providing an important space for writers to discuss their craft; and the challenges involved in creating stories that ask difficult questions, expose hard truths, and push literary boundaries. Audible has been a proud partner of the festival since 2017.