Expeditionary Force

17 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 14,845 ratings


Joe Bishop is a young army grunt from Maine. His age and inexperience are about to be tested as the earth is invaded by hamster-like aliens known as the Ruhar. After forming an alliance with the lizard-like Kristang to defeat them, the humans join a galactic war to track them down and destroy the Ruhar in space. The first Expeditionary Force is created.

Joe finds himself leading 70 men in an epic mission around the galaxy. He’s accompanied by Skippy, a belligerent, snarky but ultra-intelligent sentient, who also looks like a beer can. Skippy might be able to help Joe on his mission and so humans everywhere in their hour of need.

Craig Alanson’s best-selling book series finds perfect audio expression thanks to award-winning narrator R.C. Bray. The audiobook version of Columbus Day – the first book in Alanson’s Expeditionary Force series – was nominated for Audiobook of the Year 2018.

Bray is the ideal narrator for Joe and Skippy’s journey. It takes a strong, visceral performance to be able to pull off the intense action scenes. Bray uses a range of voices to give life to a diverse lineup of characters, including humans and aliens. Joe Bishop has a distinctive Maine accent which Bray pulls off perfectly.

Back in 2016, Craig Alanson was working in IT when his wife encouraged him to start self-publishing his stories on Amazon. He is now one of Amazon’s top 10 best-selling American science fiction writers and one of their top-selling 100 writers overall.

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