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The Halo series is a household name, a hugely popular science fiction media franchise and the subject of numerous video games, films, comics, and animated series. The ever-expanding Halo universe is explored further in this vast Audible series, where the complexities and adventures of the story are brought to life by a group of talented narrators.

Spanning various science fiction themes, from heroism to intergalactic war and biological enhancements, the Halo series truly has something for every type of science fiction fan. Through powerful stories about untold times in the history of the universe, listeners will be enthralled by such a diverse, complex, and thus far undiscovered world.

The series unravels the mystery of the Forerunners, a civilization that disappeared mysteriously after ruling in peace and dealing successfully with conflict. It dives into the mystery surrounding the Guardians, and answers questions fans have been wondering about for years.

These stories are written by a wide array of renowned writers, who have each added their style and creativity to this epic universe. Beloved talents such as Brian Reed, James Swallow, Tobias Buckwell, Kelly Gay, and many more have offered their skills to the series, while a similarly talented group of narrators add their voices.

Perfect for both long-term Halo fans and those new to this brilliant franchise, this captivating and enriching audiobook series will not disappoint.  

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