Bruce Sentar

Bruce Sentar

Hi! Born and raised in the agricultural midwest, I was raised on fantasy, letting my imagination fill the space between the corn. Then later I fell in love with the plethora of translated Xianxia as I traveled the world. Now I'm putting down roots but my imagination needs to be let off the leash and I write my stories otherwise my head might just explode. I've written down my day dreams for years as an idle hobby. Now, Inspired by the HaremLit genre I'm fleshing them out into full blown novels. My stories have some spice, but that's just a sprinkle for flavoring. I write adventures, the guy just happens to get the girl at the end. Join me as I turn my stories into wonderful series. Connect with me on Facebook for updates on my latest books. Join my Patreon for advanced chapters of my next book and behind the scene details.
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