Wheel of Time

21 livres dans la série
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The Wheel of Time is ever-spinning, moving through the past and future, and back again. A young man faces an evil adversary, worlds face war and rebirth. The winds of time blow on.

Robert Jordan's 15 book epic fantasy series spans multiple generations and tales throughout time for a tapestry of characters and tales which weave into one epic fantasy adventure. Opening with a story of a hero known as the Dragon and his battles against an evil entity known as the Dark One, the series uses classic fantasy tropes and classic plots but finds a way to infuse them with new life, making the series the best selling collection that it is.

Now on Audible, the audiobook adaptation allows audiences to experience Wheel of Time in a new and exciting way all over again. Narrating duo (and married couple) Kate Reading and Michael Kramer voice this epic, adding passion and more than 30 years of narrating experience to the fantasy adaptation. The pair are also Audie Award winners, their chemistry and talent are palpable and bring energy and excitement to these established titles.

From New Spring to A Memory of Life Jordan creates tales that sweep through time, depict epic battles of good and evil, and inspire legends. From central characters such as Rand al’Thor, Matrim Cauthon, or Padan Fain to magical places such as Shadar Logoth, not to mention some truly masterful world-building, Robert Jordan's entire series explores the very nature of time. This brings a world of fantasy to life, showing why Jordan is a master fantasy author, and why Wheel of Time has become an epic series of genre fame.   

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