The Expanse

21 livres dans la série
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 Humans have colonised the solar system, and life exists throughout the planets and their moons. But tensions are rising between the inner and outer planets, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage a civilization spread so far throughout the solar system. Can peace be maintained, or will conflict erupt across outer space? 

Originally released as a series of novels, short stories and novellas, The Expanse chronicles the fictional colonization of our known solar system and the subsequent journey of humans from Earth throughout space. Though intergalactic travel does not exist, colonies have been established on most planets and their moons, from relatively nearby Mars to far-off Uranus.

However, controlling human existence, not to mention maintaining peace, is becoming increasingly difficult across such vast distances, and the outer planets and asteroid belt colonies are moving further away from the governing bodies that once ruled them. What can be done to keep everything in order?

This epic 18 audiobook series by James S.A. Corey tells the galactic tale of humankind in space, from space crews on the abandoned martian navy ship Rocinante (captained by James R. Holden) to residents of the Ceres station. From a rogue ship to the colony to space post, the series follows a possible future, pulling on tropes from human history and casting them in the blinding light of space travel, mysterious warships, and planetary colonization. James S. A. Corey masterfully combines fantasy with reality, embracing the characteristics of human nature to build a world of political upheaval, space adventure, and violence.

The series is narrated by Jefferson Mays, an experienced and award-winning actor and narrator. Mays adds energy and excitement to the audiobook adaptation with an emphatic voice that pulls listeners in. Jefferson Mays speaks the story, brings life to the characters, and tells a tale that is a true must-listen can't-pause experience. 

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