Loving yourself just the way you are.
Stories of self-love, affirmation, and knowing your worth


Start your self-love and self-acceptance journey with these beautiful, inspiring titles, recommended by your fellow Audible listeners.

Hot & Heavy
Hot & Heavy Written by: Virgie Tovar
“Absolutely amazing. Empowering. Couldn't get enough, I ate up every word. Finished the book feeling amazing about myself!”
Am I Ugly?
Am I Ugly? Written by: Michelle Elman
“I have never been so emotionally involved in someone else's narrative. The writing is fantastic and conveys a message of hope and acceptance that is inspiring.”
Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls
Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls Written by: Jes M. Baker
“I blew through this book so fast because it was THAT good! Change your perspective, change your attitude, change your life, change your world! Seriously.”
— Anonymous