Road Trip Listens

Bring Audible on your next road trip!

Whether you're travelling with a big group of friends or riding with a family of four to the grandparents' house, we've got picks for every occasion. But don't take our word for it — we've collected rave reviews from listeners just like you! So sit back, hit play, and let the journey fly by.

Tori, Audible Editor

For a Big Group

Try a comedy with your chatty friends, a full-cast production for your theatre-loving crew, or a riveting mystery that will keep the car quiet and the driver focused on the road. Whatever you choose, they'll be paying rapt attention to the story and not how much further the destination is.

For One Co-Pilot

Whether you're travelling with your significant other or your best friend, a true crime or mystery novel will give you an opportunity to work on your teamwork sleuthing skills to solve the crime by arrival time.

For Your Enjoyment

Listen to what you want — these are great for your own enjoyment, regardless of who is travelling along with you. Listen to a life wildly different from your own, indulge in a saccharine-sweet romance, or take the time to engage in a little self-development.

For Young Families

Pack up the kids and turn up the volume — these audiobooks were selected for kids of all ages.