Road Trip Listens

Whether you're trekking solo to Banff for a hiking adventure or heading up north with the kids, road trips are an ideal time to get some listening done. I spend a lot of time in the car commuting or travelling to visit friends, and listening makes the trip go by much faster. Recent favourites include The Martian, which kept me up on a late-night drive; Lincoln in the Bardo, which entertained a picky co-pilot; and The Fact of a Body, which was such an engrossing true crime memoir that I sat in my driveway for 15 minutes because I couldn't stop listening. Happy road-tripping!

—Tori, Audible Editor

Family-Friendly Tales

Pack up the kids and turn up the volume — these audiobooks were selected for maximum child AND parent enjoyment.

Laugh-Out-Loud Listens

Road trips are the best time to enjoy a comedy audiobook — no embarrassing bursts of laughter in public, and a little levity for those longer are-we-there-yet journeys.

Old Favourites

Whether you're travelling alone or with loved ones, take your road trip down memory lane and rediscover an old favourite.

Action & Adventure

Boring road ahead? Lose yourself in another world! From real-world adventure to out-of-this world escapades, you'll think you're driving on Schiaparelli Crater instead of the vast expanse of pavement ahead.

Under 4 Hours

For a shorter listen you can finish in one trip, check out some of our favorite audiobooks that clock in under 4 hours.

True Crime

Do you and your fellow travellers love a good true crime exposé? Get introduced to a case you may have never heard of before, or binge the follow-up to a popular documentary.